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  • Hey al p I think we need to talk about my sled lol I'm not paying 2300$ give me a text or call please!! 1586 623 1459 my name is nick!
    not yet yammiegirl..I`m still hoping we get snow before I grow to old to ride..LOL...
    Saw this low profile track with chissels in it and thought you might be interested. It needs more added back into it, but the guy says there are no pull throughs.

    The guy tried to put a link to this picture in his ad but messed up the url.

    Snowmobile Track Low Profile Race 121 - $125 (Clio)

    This is a very low lug height Camoplast Challenger 121" ice drag racing track. It has lots of chisels as pictured but the previous owner removed some to use the backers on another track. No pull throughs, just install some more chisels and it will be ready to use. $125. Call me at 810-241-7101.
    • Location: Clio
    yea i have got the hauck clutch set up got to instal that, pipes and reeds are coming in we got a big trip this weekend from wisconsin to iron mountin for the ski jumps and im wondering if i should put the stuff on before or not
    did you have to any jetting wit the psi quad pipes, i have purchased quad pipes and reeds for a great price off another member just wondering if u done any jetting
    Hey Al, Can you check out the post about the 93 exciter and lemme know what YOU think. I hear your pretty swift when it comes to carbs :) Thankies.
    Oh I almost forgot, I tried to buy a set of those pre-filters we were talking about for ya but the guy had them sold before I could get them.
    Hey Al, I took those pictures of the tall clutch cover. My new camera is taking pictures in too high a resolution so they are too big to upload. I'm sure I can resize them somehow but havent figured it out yet.

    Hi Al. My number is 734-276-1778 my real name is Steve. I'll be at 200 Peachtree the 21st, Thursday. Stop in, hang around, a few friends will be there. Depending on what day you show up. It'll be cool.
    Well Al, if you get around during tut stop in, say hello. Two friends are commin' up to stay a couple days. And I'm sure visitors will be in and out here and there. See Ya,,,
    I`ll be up there one way or another this winter...really hoping to make it during tip-up town...some bro`s of mine are having a killer get together..and its in houghton lake, about 7 miles off the main drag, so its basicaly 7 miles from the lake its self also..
    Oh yea, the address of Peaches is 200 Peach Tree. On the corner of Peach Tree and Apple Blossom. Ya, can't miss it. See ya there.
    Hi Al. I think next trip up I'll be taking my 92 and 97 to Peaches, my cottage. I just found out that my place is right on the main drag in town. People ride along the Denton R.V. park from East of Gladwin Rd. to get to the trails. It'll be great. I'll be up there back and fourth all Winter, and living there during Tip-Up-Town. As soon as I get a cool photo of my Vmax-4's in front of Peaches I'll change my avitar. See Ya....
    Sounds great...
    I am really hoping big time..I can make it to houghton lake, on about the 19th (first wekend of tip up town)..
    I have some freinds up there, that have a cool place to stop in at..(private bar so to speak)...(near snowbowl rd)..
    anyway, the ole lady has access to a cabin in St helen..probley less then 15 miles from prudenville & houghton lake..I just need to figure out a trail to get from there to houghton lake...I don`t care if it turns it from a 15 mile distance to a 25 mile distance..LOL..that`d be fine with me..

    take care..
    Hi Al. I've got Peaches,(the cottage) hooked up pretty good. I'm going to line the floor of the garage with plywood this next trip up. Then it's delivery of two Vmax-4's. I'm stuck here in Belleville doing things here and there packing this and that waiting for the first of the month when the money comes in, then I can go back up. Hope you can make it to Peaches this Winter at Houghton Lake. See Ya... Steve

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