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  • Hi Bret, Man sorry to hear about your medical challenges of late. Glad to hear however, that the tumor was removed and hopefully caught quickly! Take it easy and heal up so you can have some summer fun when the weather gets nice.

    My Vmax4 riding was a bit of a bust this year in the U.P. I had my one trip there to ride after the I-500 earlier this month and upon arrival in Big Bay, my sled busted the driveshaft in the first 15 miles of the trip!! Looks like I sold that driveshaft to soon!...Just kidding, I have an extra so that will be a summer track also for the V4.

    This has been a tough winter for riding that's for sure. We have had a chance to use the 78 Exciter for a couple short rides this year on the Kal-Haven. I just got back from an 80 mile ride with a buddy around Houghton Lake trails. I used his SXR 500 and he rode his RX1 for our short, one-day run.

    Nice to hear from you and I hope you feel well and heal up fast!!
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