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  • Hi Josh,
    I am unable to go into the used sled area. It keeps asking me to log in and i do but nothing on the page?

    Hi Josh
    thanks hey what meet and shows are coming up ...worth going to
    how many v4 's around up here now

    i see it will be spring this week so winter is now over!!!lol
    Hi Josh
    hey i got a problem with my account hear
    password will not let me change it loops me into the signin page each time
    i can go into mail and such on the password emailed to me but i am unable to change this password .
    also i sent in a donation and got no reply from the site ,is there an auto reply for this
    btw happy for 2012
    Can you delete my 1006 Rosentretter motor post? I have had too many jack offs with no money bother me about it so i am going to put on the shelf with some other motors of mine.

    Chris Rehtorik
    312-215-4203 cell
    Josh you thinking of jumping back on a Yami for the grass?? What class are you looking to set up for??
    Josh do you know if Chad will be doing any test and tune sessions early in the season?? Hoping to run down in Syracuse in July..
    I'm giving it some serious thought!! I have built a 600 SRX mod engine which I could either run as an improver or a pro-stocker depending on how light I could get a chassis. Engine should be around 175 hp.. It hit 161 on C & H dyno at 9000 rpm's and we had to pull out of the run, hp was on a vertical climb still at that point.. Peak power for the pipes should be at 9800.. We found our problem so we will be back at the dyno in June or July for final testing... Thought I'd run my 700 srx aswell in the trail side..
    Hope all is well.
    You can either do it via paypal or you can send it to me @
    Eric Anderson
    43255 County Highway D
    Cable, WI 54821

    The amount does not matter
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