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  1. Vmax4creed

    Rare PSI pipes for V-Max 4 800

    Sent you a PM
  2. Vmax4creed

    Relic Racing, 4.558 sec, 107.78 mph 96 Vmax 4 800 pro stock, Freemont, NH Oct 8th 2022

    Super impressive showing fastest pass for the 800 p.s class, I'm sure they will be in the finals next year.
  3. Vmax4creed

    1992 parts

    Can you send a picture of the tunnel extension interested in that
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    Hauck dusts of an Improved vmax 4 from 2011 & his grandson takes home two final wins & a second these sleds are racing power houses.
  5. Vmax4creed

    WTB 8BU-10s

    Looking for a good shape set of 8BU-10 clutch weights.
  6. Vmax4creed

    Head Squish Exciter(race)

    Wondering if anyone on here has modded an Exciter. Working on an 87 that has the sx 2 head that had been race cut. The cylinders also have race porting with twin pipes. The question is how tight of squish can i run?? I had to take it .50 over to clean up some cylinder damage had the head recut...
  7. Vmax4creed

    Best Racing Track Length? 136/144

    Looking for real world suggestions here 136 or 144 for a 800 pro stock ice & grass track. Open or closed window probably will be going with a two step on the msd. Which one is gonna work overall the best as conditions go away vs rotating mass?
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    WTB 800 Crank Case

    Looking for 800 crank case, thanks.
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    Wanted : Headlight Cover

    I'm looking for the headlight cover that allows you to remove the headlight. Thanks
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    Apex racing

    Looking for advise on suspension & traction products for my s/c apex.Have run this sled on snow lots looking to expand to ice & probably grass.Thinking on a wahl 144 & have a ripsaw i was thinking i could cut down. Not sure on traction picks,chisels both or hooker plates ??
  11. Vmax4creed

    VDO Xtreme Tach Apex??

    I have a VDO Xtreme tach hooked up to my s/c 2006 apex , it turns on functions & recalls runs. The problem is it reads off -50%(ie @ idle it reads 600 rpm & wot 6500rpm) I have the signal connection for the tach going to #1 coil pack.I know people have moved away from theses & went to pro...
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    Tim Bender Poster

    I have been waiting awhile for one to come up for sale, anyone have an extra one looking to sell??(Bender formula v- max).
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    95 Ontario (low km)

    I came across this looks mint price is too high for me, but for any US members might be something to look at if you were close.
  14. Vmax4creed

    WANTED : Vmax4 windshield

    Looking to buy OEM stock windshield for 95 vmax4.
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    I bought a set of Aaen pipes they were as he described, sent right away & packaged awesome. Great guy to deal with.
  16. Vmax4creed

    Thanks, VMAX4ICE

    I got a cylinder & piston for my 800 great guy to deal with everything was wrapped & packaged awesome. Would deal with again for sure.