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  1. jst4fun

    3 750 4's for sale in NH

    not mine, found them while surfing the net..... 2 92's and a 94.... look to be 2 92 covers hanging on the wall too..... Bubba...:4fzfpi:
  2. jst4fun

    96 & 97 on Chicago Craigslist....
  3. jst4fun

    2-1992/1-1993/2-1994/1-1995/3-1996/1-1997 want to sell as a package 10 total

    Found this on NH Craigslist... not mine but he seems to have had a slight addiction!! Someone might as well breakout the ole checkbook :a10: If this was 8 years ago it would of saved me alot of travel time and miles getting mine 1 at a time...
  4. jst4fun

    its not a vmax-4, but im sure it will get some ideas stirred up!! :)

    1994 VMAXX on wheels INSANE :smilielol
  5. jst4fun

    93 with 144" track in NY $1000
  6. jst4fun

    quick vmax- srx-sx for sale link

    I posted this a couple years ago, thought it would be helpful to post again.... seems to be alot of VMAX-4's out west for sale on here..... I jst put it in my favorites, it updates itself each time i open it... Bubba.. :4fzfk2:
  7. jst4fun

    NOS YAMAHA VMAX 750 PURPLE SKI SKIN 92-94 89A-23732-15-XX

    price is kinda steep, but these are pretty rare, and he has 2 of them.....
  8. jst4fun

    Yamaha V-Max 4 750 and 800 1992-1997 Black Windshield
  9. jst4fun

    NOS OEM Yamaha Front Shock Holder RH Black 8AX-2376J-01-00 NEW VX750 VX800 MM800
  10. jst4fun

    low red windshield on ebay

    low red windshield on ebay Bubba...:4fzfk2:
  11. jst4fun

    VMAX-4 t-shirt

    VMAX-4 t-shirt, new in bag on ebay... size M Bubba.... :4fzfpi:
  12. jst4fun


    I made a 400 mile road trip yesterday to pick up a mint 96 hood for my latest project. Kenneth (Rustman) made a 400 mile trip too, including crossing the border, to meet me half way in Augusta Maine. His trip included being searched at the border, because customs had a hard time believing he was...
  13. jst4fun

    Blacked out 92 in U.P. MI, with extras....
  14. jst4fun

    m-10 suspension...

    Kathsellsall has a very colorful m-10 on ebay... Bubba...
  15. jst4fun

    Misc 4-Sale

    I also have a pretty decent 95 cover for sale too. pm me if interested any any items.... more to come :)
  16. jst4fun

    Misc 4-Sale

    2 pair skis 1 nice, 1 fair 2 seats 2 suspensions, 92 & 96 pm if interested.....
  17. jst4fun

    1995 strut can and ski skins

    part # are sno-stuff; 499-600 for black 499-600-82 for red
  18. jst4fun

    White Tabs.. Continued....

    So i lost track of where the last postings were so here is the start of another... I had a few minutes this afternoon so I pulled the air-box covers on my 92 to see if the tabs were ever removed. I jst added this sled to my collection last year, and by the time i got done swapping the suspension...
  19. jst4fun

    Carb plastic tabs -- remove yours now!

    By opening the air box and removing the restrictor plate you should have full access to the tabs. Removal of the lower part of airbox and rubber boots isn't necessary.... unless there is something else i missed?? there are jst 2 tabs per collar, correct?? Bubba...
  20. jst4fun

    Runningboard inserts

    I'm looking for a aluminium running board inserts that add suport and foot traction. I dont really want the kind that you have to cut the floor out for, but the kind that goes over the floor and part way up the tunnel wall.. I know I've seen plenty in the day, and a picture of them is right...