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    1992 VMAX 4 for sale

    Sled is in south central Massachusetts. I have it posted on Craigslist, here is the link: Lots of parts to go with it at the listed price ($1300). I hate to sell it but I am running out of room in my garage and I have to make room for my...
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    Excellent transaction: "Mad Powersports"

    I recently bought a set of skis from the guy previously known as fleetman, he was very clear that the skis had some issues, and upon inspection, one has a good bend and a little tear, nothing I can't fix, plus I got the knuckles with them as well, and the carbides are decent. All in all good...
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    fuel and oil lines

    So, my chaincase is off and the whole jackshaft is removed and now that I have clear access I'm looking into the fuel/oil lines. They are somewhat hardened and should probably be replaced while I'm here. Now, what have you guys done ? Did you just buy the universal line from the dealers and...
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    Ski Skins for $20/20 shipping I bought a set and he took $15 for em. They seem to be quite heavy duty, but my sled never had the originals, but at least they are pink !
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    Ignition Switch for Vmax ?

    Hi all, Just looking for an ignition switch and a key for a vmax 4, I have a 92 but I think all are the same. Let me know if ya got one and shipping to 01507. Thanks! John