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    Looking for a set of quad pipes? Does anything exist anymore?

    Looking for a set of quad pipes? Does anything exist anymore?
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    750 VMAX Bonneville Salt Flats project

    I figured since I had lots of inquiries about what I wanted to put a 750 into, here's some teaser pics to give you guys an idea... The plan at the moment (to start) is to have the record for the fastest 750cc powered vehicle on the planet!
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    800 long block

    Need to find a bare 800 long block (no carbs, ignition,etc.) for my project! Brad 760 985 2379 text me!
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    Dual Vmax engines (8 cylinder)

    My friend Carl told me he'd read in an older post about someone putting 2 engines together. Anyone try this or know who has? Thanks!
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    44's on a 750

    Has anyone ever tried a set of Lectron's or the like 44's on a 750?
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    Most horsepower out of a 750 (no bigger)

    Anybody out there gone on absolute full kill and dynoed a 750? I'm curious how far someone has pushed one of these (quad pipes, minimum of 38mm carbs, porting, etc) . I'm curious if anyone has got at LEAST 200hp out of one (has to be a 750)!
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    Bore and Stroke

    I'm not having any luck short of buying a manual, but what are some of the specs of the 750 engine? What is the bore and stroke, weight, etc.? Thanks
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    Max effort 750 for Bonnevile

    In the process of working on a Bonneville project that will be powered by full on max effort turboed 750. My question is the crank and rod strength of these motors. How much can they handle? I'd send them off to get cryo'd and hope for the best or do I need to find some better parts? Anyone make...
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    '92-94 vmax 750 engine

    I'm looking for a couple 750 engines if anyone knows where I can score anything. I don't need the exhaust or carburetors. Thanks for the help!