1992 V-Max4 750 Jack Shafts & Other Parts

Boyo's Boy

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Sold my sled a few years ago just found these items I had tickets away... 2-piece jack shaft with collar, all in good shape... have an additional short shaft that has some spline damage on the end but would do in a pinch if its in better shape than the 1 you have... also have a mesh insert for the lower hood ducts and a heated thumb throttle lever as well... 15 years ago, a new 2-piece jack shaft from Yamaha was almost $600+ tax here in Canada, not sure what they are worth now... I see other online ads asking $150 - $200+ just for a used long shaft alone (only 1 piece)... asking $200 CAD OBO for everything, will ship... let me know if you are interested


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