Aerocharger revive: the VATN vanes a groop buy?!


Old Fart missing Turbo 2 stroke!
Hey guys!, first post here for me!. I am in the process of building a Venerable Aerocharged V Max-4, like the one i had in 1994!.
I do have an intact 143N300 turbo but, i'd like a spair one cuz, you never know! :) . Off course, Americas most wanted pair: the turbine and the vanes, near
impossible to find but, what if we have a whole bunch CNC'd?, that and the actuator levers. How many dead Aerochargers are ONLY missing the vanes (that the turbines are ok)?. Did someone here ever tried an outboard wastegate on a VATNless Aerocharger???. Think of ALL the Aerochargers on the market: snowmobiles, Harley's, RZR's, even some cars!... The idea is NOT to bypass Aerodyne/ Aerocharger, just to keep em alive!.
Let me know!...