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Hi Opsled; You mentioned a few facebook groups that are vmax4 inclined? Could you send me the links to those groups, or names. Thanks!
Hi luckyone,
Carllaponte told me that he is working to get the site up and running again, possibly within a week.
omg, that is horrible, i have not been on in a while as i started a trucking business and have not done any snowmobiling....please keep me informed as you are the only one that has replied back to me. if there is anything i can do please let me know
Hi luckyone, was taken over by Carllaponte when CaptJager wanted to step down. CaptJager died unexpectedly in February. I have been having a lot of problems with the site also. I can log on, but some of the pages don't work. I emailed Carllaponte about the problem but haven't heard back yet.

hey Capt,could you look into if my account has been cancelled or something. it lets me log on but just about everything i click on says syntax error on white screen. have reached out with explanation with what is happening in the contact us message line but with no reply.
:cussing::cussing::cussing::cussing:what the hell is up? and is this a pay t post site now? half the site wont work for
Interested in the 800 chaincase if you still have it available. You can also reach me at(218) 343-3492 thanks!
Hey Jamie long time no contact. I might have a 95 vmax 4 in my stable soon looking for Bender quad pipes any around in Ontario. Thanks Bruce Walker I gave you a SSR ski I made at work a while back. 1-613-281-7209
I was wondering If you could send me a picture of your lightweight picture to my phone or email 1 586 563 9564 or spirudaryan07@gmail

Thanks rya.