Suspension shock

True Blue

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Hi I’m looking for a good/new rear suspension shock for my 94 Vmax 4 short track or should I just update the full suspension. I have a good 2003 RX1
suspension and wonder if that will fit without to much modification??

Stock rear shock is. 8BW or 8BN-47480-00-00


Good shocks are getting hard to find. 94-96 500/600 are the same. RX1 skid is a nice upgrade for ride but will require some modifications to do it. There is a write up with pics in the tech section on how to do it. The 96 500/600 XT is also a real nice upgrade. It's very similar to the RX1 skid but fits the tunnel where as the RX1 skid is to narrow and requires spacers. Where are you located? I have a nice 121 XT skid and may have a good shock for the original and am looking for an RX1 skid.