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I know this is an old post, but thought I'd check anyways. Did you sell your 95 Vmax4 800 that you listed on vmax4.com? I'm from SE SD and am looking for an 800. Thanks
So I have a v-max 4 improver 180° motor
Rpc ignition, Ian Tomasi porting, fresh motor, looking for carbs!
I got tmx flat slides from a mach-z on it now, and has slight bog at take off!
Want to get rid of um
It likes the vmax stock carbs punched out!
I had Ian's carbs on it from his sled and it loved um!
Anyone out there have something?
Looking for already punched out and jetted!
That bog at take off could be your box ,there have been a few guys I know that have had to go big engagement to overcome the timing curves, great tech for the times but like the song goes they are changing. JDI makes a superior ignition for these sleds . Just something to think about.
They are few and far between. I posted a set of AAEN's that were available on ebay but they sold about a week ago. Whenever I see some, I post them on the "Vmax-4 parts links" in the Classified forum.