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  • Mark the Shark, needaVmax4 here is there anyway I can or you can change the post thread that I have 180 conversion to just a V-max 4 help!
    hey mark
    looking for psi pipes but i'm still new with where to buy performance stuff for this sled any help would be appreciated


    HI Mark it`s Kirk from Ontario Canada . Is it time for a payment ?? donation is there a membership renewal ?? I think I shot you $50.00 last year ,can you check into that . I can do it again if you like .
    Let me know Mark
    Thanks Kirk
    Hi MARK
    Would you happen to know how many 97 vmax4`s are still alive ??? I`m thinking of selling mine but not sure if I want too !!! I watch on american pickers and they find a harley gas tank that they only made 6500 of them ,and are wild with there find . The stats say there is were only 150-180 of these 97`s ,mine has 3600 miles and is clean , I mentioned on an ad that I might sell my sled and WAM there are emails already . SO I`m wondering how many are ALIVE ..
    Thanks Mark
    Hi Mark, Thanks for the help/ my post on the m-10 skid .. I wanted to ask you another question-- I have tried to put a positive post on a member selling a product and it does not seam to post. I purchased some struts from Darv and they were great. I notice you were an administrator, Was wondering if I was doing something wrong?
    Hey Mark I changed my name from turbovmax4 too 4holervmax After seeing quadzilla turbo set ups I felt I did not deserve that title ! I have only installed 6-7 turbos on the vmax4`s . So I hope that I did not cause any bad tastes among the members .
    Ripley Ontario
    Hey Mark, just a quick shout to say thanks for those pink hyfax. I was trying to buy them from roadrunner when he told me he couldnt sell them, he was going to give them to me. I really appreciate it. You must gave a gazillion vmax parts but if your ever in need I have a fair collection starting as well.
    hi mark this is mr speed. Iv been reading your posts. i have noticed that you know your vmax 4s. i am having nothing but problems with mine trying to get the high end on it. if you could just phone me collect. my number is# 807-548-5269 and ask for willy....i would really appreciate if you could could give me a shout. lookin forward to heiring from you.
    Hey shark, just wanted to wish you a very happy christmas eve, being a kid must have sucked, lol ! Anyway, a big happy B-day man !
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