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  • Hi carl could u do a shipping quote for the 93 two piece shaft for me. Adress is 9352 harris rd lee center ny 13363.
    Thank you Scott
    NOTE: YOUR IN BOX IS FULL can not send you a private message until you clear out space.
    Say Carl, it was not you by chance that prayed for snow my way was it? The snow is falling- covering the green lawn- but forcasters say 2 to 4 inches than a thick coating of ICE for the remainder of the storm. My Grandfather will be thrilled to know you will be getting him a police patch,no hurry do it at your convenience. What is your address again so I can have my Grandfather mail one right out to you so when you do get the patch you can do a trade the officer. You will have my grandfather's actual address to mail the police patch too. Thanks so much for offering, he will be thrilled to get a patch from Chicago.
    Carl, sorry for the delay.I have found the tunnel.If still interested.I will send pics on the weekend.It is new,never used.
    Some shit bag offered me $40 for the lowering tubes and told be they aren't worth much more. I told him thanks but I'd rather hang on to them thatn to ship for $40
    I wasnt a part that was sold to the public,so I dont have a price for it.I think that it is a 1996 but will is red.It is only the tunnel.I`ll see if I can get a pic.
    Carllaponte - I see you have a post in the Seller Rating Forum thanking Darv for struts posted on 9-23-11. Is that the one you were trying to post?

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