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  • Hey..I just seen these??

    I always just click on my private message thing, and never noticed these...sorry bubs..
    Good motor monitor your plugs(tan-like perfectly roasted marshmallow) for proper jetting to keep from burning down.Check all the grease fittings,check chain case lube,brake fluid res,belt height at secondary should be barley above sheave.Check Bogey wheel bearings for ease of motion,if they fel gritty get some new bearings for them,Proper track tension.I believe there is an online manual for all the specs
    mine is relatively stock accept for clutching,so pretty tame compared to vmax4.I like this for reliability as I cant afford to rebuild the motor
    Hi i see that you own a 2000 sxr 700. I just pick one up for a rand and was wondering if you have any tips on keeping it up and running. Are there any know problems? This one is jetted piped and clutched. Again I picked it up for a grand with 3200 miles comperssion is 132 132 133. Any info would ba great.
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