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  • so you and 4 with 4 are in the edmonton area, good stuff, from what i can tell there seems to be a few people on here in alberta
    l was reading a post of yours, wayback when. You where talking about running 8 tooth drivers, and a 2" drilled track with the outside lugs trimmed.

    lm about to go the same way, a couple of questions if i may;

    where do you drill your 1 1/8" holes in the track,and how many?

    How much did you have to clip of the top of the outside lugs?

    aaand haw did you find this settup? lve got a x10 skid and 2" paddle track that i picked up for $250 of a mate, so likeminded, im not to bothered about chopping up the track.

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