930cc turbo

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Hi i live in North Sweden and loves this vmax-4 ors!!:flagge_sc:vmax4:
I have 2 vmax-4 , one -96ST turbo charged 930cc that I´m building up now with new engine.
I take the SX 700cc pistons and make them to fit the cylinders.
Also have the billet PSI genesis 2 heads that have the combusters not centered.
The turbocharger is a Garret 28BB RS and an oilcatch tank with a Johnson magnetic oilpump at 1 bar.The intercooler comes from MC Express.
You can see the turbo in action on youtube at, vmax4 turbo, I have the first choise aerocharger 53 kit on it there.

The second vmax-4 is a-95 with 800cc RPC 180* fired engine, I´m putting in the reductions gears for 17% in the engine.
Then can I put up the RPM for the engine to 11000rpm and the variator axel at abouth 8800rpm.
I do this because I have the Hauck racing Howlers on it and they will have lots of rpm too make horspower!! :sled:

sorry to say buddy, but you only have a 3-4 hundred rpm power band up stairs with howlers!! You want hp go with bennders race pipes ( his pipes that he used) I have a set for you to copy, if you want?? good luck with your sled, wish you the best!!:4fzfo8::rockon::imo:
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