95 Vmax4 800 $1100

John C

New member
Saw it on craigslist today. Says it is a 94 800 but sure looks like a 95 800. Looks rough but if it is a 800 might be worth it. Saw it in the Detroit Metro, Michigan area.00v0v_eqT2c7PWbAI_1200x900.jpg

Not that cheap. Needs a seat cover, wrong skid, hood is broken. I'm sure there are other issues. It is a 95 though.

LOL. Sorry..

If it runs it's worth that in parts and then some. 800 stuff is getting hard to find. The sled isn't that nice though. Original unmodified examples are where the $ is at. If it were close to me I'd be going for a look and I would bring $ with.