Need some clutching help.


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I'm new to clutching and was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction. I have a stock 93 which gets ridden between 5000 and 8000 ft. I have the secondary set up for the altitude per the stock settings. I thought the primary was stock so I ordered the proper white yellow white spring 25#/98# for the altitude. When I dug into the clutch I found out it was set up with 89a weights with two aluminum rivets per weight and a white pink white 30#/103# spring. This setup would run 8100-8200 rpm and worked ok but it was a dog off the line and would engage at 2600-2700 rpm. I figured the spring was tired so I put in the white yellow white spring which is close in specs and now it engageges at 2500 rpm. It's on the trailer so I don't know what rpm it maxes out at bit I need to get the engagement up. My thinking is to put in a white silver white 35#/110# or the yellow orange 50#/107# I don't have experience with clutching so I don't know how much preload will change engagement rpm but going from 30 to 50 seems like a lot. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.