Piston pins

Apsley Max

Is anyone that runs 16mm pins in their big bores having trouble with the pins? I built mine up a few years ago and the Wiseco's came with pins that said "made in taiwan" on them and they did seem a little bit loose for my liking.Well after a couple years of occasional running now,I took it apart.Seems to me the shiny like chrome finish the pins should look like is gone off right where the wristpin bearing runs,it looks like maybe the hardness is coming off or should I say flaking off and leaving behind notches where bearing runs.This is on all four pins.Everthing is still like new but these pins and I am lucky to find this now as they want 180 bucks a pop for pistons.

I am looking for 4 pins that will fit Wiseco piston 471MO6800.They are originally used in a Tri Moto 175 as well as other engines.It would be nice to find some pins that were made in usa,before they were made in taiwan?Thanks for looking bud