Possible problems at higher speeds.....


Was out on the trails earlier and my sled ran great. Did what all y-all said, let the sled warm up, and don't go WOT right away. When I ride, we usually take it easy and work in to higher speeds on the trails later in the day.

Well, it was later in the day and we hit a long straight away, and I pinned it. Everything seamed great. Hit 80-90ish MPH, not really sure, wasn't looking at the dash, and let off the throttle. Then I pinned it again, and didn't have the torque of the first pull. Took a lot longer to get to higher speeds. I slowed down to a stop, only because of a stop sign, and took off again. Same thing. I could get 80-90 no problem, but then I would not have any torque for the second squeeze. If I slowed down a little more then it was better. I have tons of power in the low and mid range, but nothing in the top end.

This all makes me think clutching, but with my limited knowledge I could be wrong.
I clean the carbs and put fresh gas in every fall when I get them out. Only put 3-5 gallons in until I know I'm going to the trails.
I cleaned the primary clutch, and did what I could on the secondary, I didn't have time to take it off and clean it.

Here are are things, that I know I need to check.
Tank fuel filter - I have a '93, so I may need to get some new hose and some different filters. Help here is to make sure my thinking is correct.
Take off, clean and inspect both clutches. Anything to look specifically for?
Check for leaks - head gaskets, exhaust. Buddy just had a small leaky head gasket and said his top end was slug-ish.
Clean the carbs again. I think I'm going to do this this week. My hand grips quit and I think it is a dirty connector. So, I'll have the airbox out to check the connectors. Or is my stator going out?
The spark plugs all look good, but have yet to do a WOT pull and check.
Could my track be too tight?
The belt is new-ish, It doesn't many miles on it, maybe 100.
What else can I check?

Thanks in advance.
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My guess is the secondary clutch bushing that's binding. If it still has the stock secondary they are known for going bad and causing binding issues.
I have the same problem with my 92. I replaced the bronze/brass bushing in the Secondary, with the updated nylon bushing, as well as the ramp shoes & I still the same "Binding" sensation.
Hope the suggestions above were something to look at, and hope rectify the situation. Well.... sounds like the issue I had, but not a friendly one. The thing you mention is top end at 80-90, same with my sled. If you have stock gearing and clutching for base point, the sled will pull higher than that, should. I never seen one not, that was working properly. My issue, showed itself, one rod bearing on the crank packed it in. Well, needed to replace the recoil side crank, and the sled flew after that. Not saying thats your issue, as no one like to take the engine apart, but just saying. Happy riding.
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