Searching for 880 Turbo head gaskets


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Ordered new head gaskets from Hauck, but was not thinking turbo and 880 at the same time. Was not until I had them in hand and realized I need the thicker gaskets. Anyone have an idea where to find these new?

I have heard that two sets of head gaskets used before. Compression needs to come down for turbo as you know. Phone Hauck and see what he recommends.
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The one I removed is a triple layer. Did not have my mic next to me, but stock looks to be about .1mm and the turbo gasket is about .5mm Just looking for a vendor that would stock these. I'll try Hauck again, but parts for these machines are getting thin there!
What size bore does your 880 engine have? I get my 68mm big bore head gaskets from Hauck.They are only 1 layer though,but you could stack them if you had to.