Vintage eye candy: intercooled, Aerocharged V Max-4


Old Fart missing Turbo 2 stroke!
Here are a couple of scanned paper pictures of my 1992 (with a 800 engine), that i put together in 1994!. After a few years of detonations (11 melted pistons over the first 3 years), i decided to design and construct a very special, very efficient tunnel heat exchanger, one that even track "wind" alone, would do the job, cuz i really wanted to have an intercooler. The combo, worked so well that i had no melt-downs for 5 years after these mods. To impress my friends, i could open-up the hood real quick, after a WOT run and put my bare hands on the engine's cylinder; they were very comfortably "warm".
I worked A LOT on that sled, learned a lot from the 9 years i had it turbocharged. After that, i went-on and built a lot more V Max-4 turbos (2 more) and a host of turbo RX-1'S and an Apex. I even had a turbo Argo! hahaah!.


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I will say that, i was religiously adding VP C-5 octane booster (Good!), using Klotz Techniplate oil (oh that smell!) and i modified the powerjet circuit, with a 12 volt fuel solenoid that started to add fuel at 8psi boost.
Made the silencer myself (it was rebuildable), and made the fresh air to turbo duct too. I will post more pictures as i scan them.
I have the urge to re-construct one very similar to this, call it nostalgia, but, i am looking for a nice, good working order V Max-4!
If anyone in the upper-eastern US or Canada has one, let me know please!.
For the longest time, i' ve been thinking about a turbo V-Max 540 too. Same general layout; a radiator in the front, that i could swap with an intercooler and my exchanger in the tunnel...
I read somewhere (maybe Kevin Cameron?) that a piston-port engine is not the best for turbo charging, i'll have to investigate if i ever do that.
Ok i'm very sorry for the pictures quality, it's horible. The pictures are in a photo album and, sitting there for so long that the protective film is stuck there!. I have to take picts, of the pictures so yeah :( .


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