Wants to buy a V-Max 800 96’ or 97’


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Me and my family have a long history with Yamaha. My father owned a V-Max 4 800 96’ many years ago, that he regret selling. Combined we have had, SRX, Viper, Mountain Max, Apex XTX, RX1 and many more. He also worked as a Yamaha dealer for a while.

For three years I have been looking to buy a 96 or 97’ in good condition as a surprise to him, now getting older and he keeps talking about the V-max.

If anyone is selling one or know of any who might. Please let me know. You can be sure that the sled will be very good taken care of. We live in Norway but I am sure I can fix shipping with a little help/service from the owner. We will pay a bit extra for that.

This would mean a lot.

Please contact me by mail: