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    800 exhaust pipes and manifolds

    The Y pipes look like 750 to me.
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    Exhaust Y Pipes 89A-14610-00-00

    I would trade 3 sets of 89A Y's for one set of 8BU Y's.
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    93 VMax 4 Seat Wanted

    Well 96 and 97 are different. His are not done like them. His are done to the 94 style flap and work on the 92-95 perfectly. I have two and they are perfect. I have not seen him ever say they are correct for the 96 or 97. He knows they are different and because of that and the limited numbers he...
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    1992 Yamaha V Max 4

    Location and Pictures would be helpful.
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    Suspension shock

    Good shocks are getting hard to find. 94-96 500/600 are the same. RX1 skid is a nice upgrade for ride but will require some modifications to do it. There is a write up with pics in the tech section on how to do it. The 96 500/600 XT is also a real nice upgrade. It's very similar to the RX1 skid...
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    Vmax-4 Seat Covers

    Perry Klostenburger. Seats by Stitch. His shit is perfect. Better Quality than OEM He is making another run of 12 right now. $345 plus shipping. You won't find better even from a NOS Yamaha bag. You must go on FB to find him.
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    Whats the going rate ($$) for Vmax-4's ?

    If the rest of the sled is as good as the pics you posted 3-5K Canadian. 2-4K US. If the skins are good on those skis you have $600 US just for the skis.
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    Hydraulic brake bracket kits.

    Mike made a nice setup. It was two pieces of aluminum that were welded together then machined to bolt on where the original caliper mounted and then the HYD caliper mounted in about the same place mine does. The original caliper was removed completely and there was no parking brake. You also had...
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    136" vmax 600st skid installation in 1995 vmax 4

    They didn't make a 136" XT.
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    PSI Quads for sale

    Waaaay to cheap. $800 all day in the US, $1000 in Canada.
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    Hydraulic brake bracket kits.

    One of mine of somebody else's?
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    Hydraulic brake bracket kits.

    I had a request for my hyd brake kit so I made another run of 12. I have 6 left. Used any trailing arm master, caliper, rotor and parking brake cable. A hose from any 4 stroke Yamaha is also needed as the trailing arm hose is a little short. My bracket and hardware mounts the caliper. The...
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    Haydays 2021 800 improved Champion!!!!

    Great work. To able to do that with a machine who’s design is 30 years old is amazing. What’s even more amazing is the roots of the engine design go back about 20 more years. The Vmax4 is still unequaled and what the Hauck family can do with them proves the prowess of both...
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    1992 VMax 4 Pink/magenta Ski Skins NOS for sale

    Just an FYI, I had one NOS pair of skins left and one pair of 8AX pink slides last March. They were not for sale. However, when a guy who knew I had them contacted me and said "would $500 plus shipping change your mind",,,, they went to Maine. If the pink or red skins and slides were...
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    Going long with a 92.

    New bracket build. Nobody races a 750. lol opsled