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  • Dan i thought you said you were going to race my seld i sold you????????? it looks like you just sold the fIII pipes here!!! whats going on???????
    hi dude im looking for your psi pipes and do you ship to quebec!? my adreess is 10 rue lapierre pointe-lebel quebec g0h 1n0 thanks i look for drag on a 800 improver and can you help me for a good 500 ft ice with these pipe thx Kaven! jetting info for a 0-3000 ft and arround 32F temp! yammiegod have a good setup but im not sure is for 500ft
    Dan fire me off a pm with your #.. I have to talk to you.. Headed down your way and need parts badly, hoping you can help me out..

    Dan J. (705)919-4449
    Dan did you make it down to Boyle Rd to check it out?? Many Sleds? I'm still pissed we could not make it, still trying to solve our problem hope we get it to test before Syracuse or it could be a long trip..
    Dan I am on the market for a teck vest.. Shaun was saying he really liked yours.. What brand and model do you have?? Where can you buy it?
    THX Dan J.
    Dan are you going to the pinks arm drop at Toronto motor sport park this weekend?? We are just loading the car and making a run for it..
    Dan parts are in TO Call my wife at (705)665-5341 after 5pm and arrange pick up.. She is staying at
    Staybridge Suites

    Dan call me this morning if possible.. My wife is headed to TO for work and I could pack the cases into the car if you can pick them up.. I believe she will be in the east end of town.. Not sure thought.. I'll find out..
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