Gutting the Air Box


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Who has taken the shelf out of the air box and what did you do for jetting. 800cc or 880 cc? trail riding below 1000'?

Dan,I think that means," beware of vmax4 owners and racers from New Jersey"....LMAO..

FYI Dan I never ran air boxes on any big bores..But I do remember in a Dyno Tech saying removing shelfs upsets the air pilow behind the carb and what that means dont know..
Ronnie, i want to run the air box to so i it will provide cool air. By taking the shelf out it doesn't seem it will provide more air volume since the shelf inlet is as large as the top of the air box inlet. I know Bender suggests running 145 mj for WFO passes on the 800 with the shelf out. But i'm thinking I need to run 156.3 mj on the BB with bored carbs and Q8 nozzles with stock pipes. I was seeing if members had any suggestions. As far as and air pillow behind the carb I can see by leaving the shelf in it could reduce turbulance and allow the carb to draw air as demanded. I think if I pull the shelf out, open the top of the box to allow more air flow which inturn will flow more air/fuel which means more ponies?

If it wasn't for those racer's from NJ I might never of gotten staged at the shootout in Seneca Falls.

Thanks, Dan
LOL....I love ya buddie...... :)

Dyno Tech had that thing about air box shelfs..But I worked on many Polaris sleds with air box kits from SLP and they do say to gut the air box..Realy dyno time is the way to find out..

Yea that was some great staging.....LOL....