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  • Me and the wife just watched the vid of your son in the radar run and we both had a smile on are face ear to ear.
    Mike, we have four radar runs in spicer,mn. Jan. 15-16, feb. 6, feb.20, vintage drag race feb. 19, give me a call if you want. 320-212-2507 Rich Jensen willmar,mn. I raced in ortonville last year.
    Hello,i wonder if you want to sell to sweden?
    i have paypal and buy items from us all the time(Ebay).=)

    Anyway i checked shipping..=)

    the pipes weight?.about 20 lbs or?
    anyway,if the package weights 20 lbs and they fit in this box..should not be a problem?
    for example,the pipes length should fit in 35"..than you have 73" girth. lets say a box 35"x20"x17" box..is this possible?

    Priority Mail® International
    Max. length 60", max. length plus girth combined 108"

    6 - 10 Days

    And if the weight is 25 pounds,it is like below.

    Priority Mail® Internationa
    Max. length 60", max. length plus girth combined 108"
    6 - 10 Days

    Regards Doger
    Mike did you get the parts back yet? I have not been able to get any information on the shipment return..

    Mike how did you ship the parts up?? My wife just declined a $480.00 brokerage fee. Can't see paying 480.00 to check out the parts if they may not work for me.. Sorry if that creates a problem for you.. Just don't have that kind of cash to just throw around.. I hate UPS for that..

    Dan J.
    I am from around Watertown, SD. I doubt that I will be attending any of the races. I am going to do this on a casual basis and not get too serious about it. I have done it seriously and would rather keep it low key this time.
    Hi... where are you from? I am thinking about going to the first race Quad has posted. Maybe we could hook up somewhere on the way there.

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