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  • Hey dave kirk from Ontario . remember crazy dave ??? lucknow ?? well he totally fu@#$% me . I put a brand new track 1.5 camo . new suspension sliders large wheels drilled and tapped plates for more travel red tunnel tubes . Vmax4 hood sticker . new bearings . pick up sled last feb and did not pay . nice Fu#$^%^ ass H$%^
    Hi Kirk. Yup, got the tooling for them, give me a call when you have a minute and I will give you a list of options. Take care for now
    Hi Dave It`s Kirk from Ontario . Did you not say you make light weight hoods For v4 ??? Someone on the site is talking now about them ,. not sure ???? If you run some I want 2 please .
    Thanks Kirk
    Hi Dave it`s Kirk from Ontario Canada i spoke with you today about the 4 post for crazydave .. here is my email again for the paypal . .
    Thanks it good talking to someone who knows there shit ( hard to find )
    Kirk from Canada
    Hey skinner, would you have a 180 box that u would sell me would u??????? I burned mine up this year, damn the luck!!! contact- :rockon:
    so is it fun or what??? Next step 4 stroke and juice, oh the times they are a changin'..
    finally drag yourself out on tar???? You in a one piece suit has been giving me nightmares...LOL
    Dave no race pack for the 800's... I believe I gave my last one to Al Larson when he picked up my 180ed crankcase and MSD set up..
    Need your help immediately what is the number stamped on the back of a 96 primary fixed sheave? I hope you are not in a meeting saw you were online. is it 8bv or 8cr?
    yo dude, how the hell have you been? good i hope. are you going to come up here to minocqua for "crusier fest" in jan? well i look forward to hearing from you.

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