Bearing Info for the Vmax 4

Bearing Info-- Wanted to put together a reference sheet for Bearings. Everyone’s personal budget will dictate the bearings they use--- After doing some research this past summer I decided to replace my skid bearings w/ less expensive Chinese Bearings, and replace my chain case and spedo bearings w/ higher quality KOYO Bearings. I made this decision after meeting in person with a manager at Bearing Headquarters. He explained to me that there is a HUGE difference in cheap (Chinese) bearings and higher quality (Japanese or German) Bearings. Yamaha NOS bearings are KOYO (Japanese), and I was able to get replacement KOYO t bearing headquarters for 50% of NOS from Yamaha.

Skid Wheel ---- Bearing #

Small Wheels ---- 6004-2RS
Large Rear ---- 6204-2RS
Proaction Top Guide ---- 6205-2RS


750/800 Spedo Bearing ---- 3-62-22-2RS


TSS Scissors Bearings ---- HK1414UU


750/800 PTO Bearing --- 6206 RU


800 Chain Case (Bearings/Seals)

Cover ---- 62/28 ---- Seal-SD-28-47

Case Top ---- 6007 ---- Seal-35-47-7

Case Bottom ---- 6305 ---- Seal-35-44-6

Bearing Suppliers:

Skid Wheel-----

Chaincase/spedo- Bearing Headquarters-----

TSS Needle Bearings--

33mm carb - Main and pilot part numbers...

3G2-1423A-76-00 JET, MAIN (#127.5)
3G2-1423E-51-00 JET, MAIN (#128.8)
3G2-14231-26-A0 JET, MAIN (#130)
3G2-1423E-52-00 JET, MAIN (#131.3)
3G2-1423A-77-00 JET, MAIN (#132.5)
3G2-1423E-53-00 JET, MAIN (#133.8)
3G2-14231-27-00 JET, MAIN (#135)
3G2-1423E-54-00 JET, MAIN (#136.3)
3G2-1423A-78-00 JET, MAIN (#137.5)
3G2-1423E-55-00 JET, MAIN (#138.8)
3G2-14231-28-00 JET, MAIN (#140)
3G2-1423E-56-00 JET, MAIN (#141.3)
3G2-1423A-79-00 JET, MAIN (#142.5)
3G2-1423E-57-00 JET, MAIN (#143.8)
3G2-14231-29-00 JET, MAIN (#145)
3G2-1423E-58-00 JET, MAIN (#146.3)
3G2-1423A-80-A0 JET, MAIN (#147.5)
3G2-1423E-59-00 JET, MAIN (#148.8)
3G2-14231-30-A0 JET, MAIN (#150)
3G2-1423E-60-00 JET, MAIN (#151.3)
3G2-1423A-81-00 JET, MAIN (#152.5)
3G2-1423E-61-00 JET, MAIN (#153.8)
3G2-14231-31-00 JET, MAIN (#155)
3G2-1423E-62-00 JET, MAIN (#156.3)
3G2-1423A-82-00 JET, MAIN (#157.5)
3G2-1423E-63-00 JET, MAIN (#158.8)
3G2-14231-32-00 JET, MAIN (#160)

3H1-14142-37-00 JET, PILOT (# 37.5)
3H1-14142-40-00 JET, PILOT (# 40)
3H1-14142-42-00 JET, PILOT (# 42.5)
3H1-14142-45-00 JET, PILOT (# 45)
3H1-14142-47-00 JET, PILOT (# 47.5)
3H1-14142-50-00 JET, PILOT (# 50)
3H1-14142-52-00 JET, PILOT (# 52.5)
3H1-14142-55-00 JET, PILOT (# 55)

239-14172-10-00 PILOT JET, AIR (1.0)
239-14172-12-00 PILOT JET, AIR (1.2)
239-14172-20-00 PILOT JET, AIR (2.0)

Smoking gun....

Oh after careful review I believe I found the cause of my failure..... The o-ring under the needle set was bad on the carb the caused my hydro lock. I didn't know these carbs had the filter or o-ring until now. If it's news to you too, ya might want to look next time you clean your carbs. I had a bit of crud in a couple screens and a $.040 oring cost me $600 in crank repair and rebuild costs.


Chain case help....

Back together .... Thanks Mark.

Here are a few pics and a explanation. Install the pivot shaft into case first, the spring has a short tail and a long one. Short goes to the rear of the case, long to cover side. Leave the gears on the bench and install the spring and idler arm w/bearing on to shaft. Let it swing up to the top spindled shaft so the spring has little to no tension. Once everything is slid on to the pivot shaft then swing the idler arm down to tension the spring, hold it there and install the gears and chain. Having an extra hand helps with this part. Oh and remember to back the bolt out that sets preload on the chain, makes it easier to install the gears and chain.

Easy way to grease scissor bearings

I wish I could take credit for this simple idea but I saw it on the Schmidt Bros. web site. It's one of those deals that you wonder why didn't I think of that or why didn't Yamaha. It will definately prolong the life of the bearings and bushings in the front suspension steering scissors and makes keeping them greased easy. It was easy to do and cost less than $10.00. I picked up some 6mm grease zerks, you can buy a 6mm tap for about $3.00, and used a 3/16 drill bit. Spent very little time installing them and it works great. Tom

Nice work speedmax4!

800cc cdi on 93 750cc

Dyno pulls, 93 750 with PSI mod blasters, .039 base gasket, one head gasket. Stock cyl, carbs, air box, pump gas. Only the CDI was changed from one run to the other, 93 CDI for 750, then stock 800 CDI



1996 vmax 500/600 seat info & picture..

Here`s a pic of the 1996 vmax 500/600 seat..basicaly identical to the 1996/97 vmax 4 seat, except it has no lines going across the seat (left to right)..and also does`nt have a tool box, or place for one in the trunk..but hey..were talking vmax 4`s here..who needs tools!!..LOL

just to I`ve learned on this site..any vmax 500/600 1994 through 1996 will fit our vmax 4`s, its just that only the 1996 vmax 500/600`s had the newer style seat (and of course the 1996/97 vmax 4`s)..Thanks to vmax4rules for the tip on the softer/improved 96 seat version..

1996 vmax 500/600 seat..

Vmax 4, & vmax 500/600 seat comparison

sure, no problem..I think the 1996 seats, are only a little over 1 inch higher...but the way they feel, it`s almost as if they used some kind of different pading? or added a softer layer on top of the old version? tomaro i`ll be uncovering the sleds, so as to move them and i`ll try to measure for sure the hieght difference...

as far as telling them ya go..

the most obvious dfferences I think..would be where the side stitching is..on the 96 & 97 vmax4..the stichting angles in towards the front, then slightly back out towards the front area of the seat...
also, another give away, is the back of the seat (where you set) the 1996 seat does`nt raise as much as the earlier seats...hard to explain, but here`s a couple pics comparing the 1995 vmax 4 seat, to the 1996 vmax 4 seat..(only difference on the 1996 NON vmax 4 seat, other words, the 1996/95 vmax 500/600` the 1996 vmax 500/600`s, have no pattern on the area where you actually set..also, the 1996 vmax 500/600`s, have no tool box in the rubber strap either..unlike the vmax 4, the tool boxes were never in the trunks, as far as i know)

The stichting difference...about 14 inches on the 1995 seat.. 1996 seat is about 10.5 inches)..


1995 VMAX 4 SEAT OEM Seat, almost a straight stitching pattern on the side

1996 VMAX 4 SEAT OEM, side stitching angles in, then back out..

differences towards rear of seat (the trunk area is not as high above the seat on the 1996 seats..)

1995 vmax 4 seat OEM (about 5 inches..)

1996 vmax 4 seat OEM..(a little under 4 inches)